Sleightly Distancing

What is Sleightly Distancing?

Sleightly Distancing is a new form of live entertainment. An attempt to adapt to the new world of pandemic regulations and restrictions.

During the Covid pandemic, the live entertainment industry really suffered. Deemed “nonessential”, Live entertainers such as musicians, magicians, comedians, performance artists, etc. were the first to be laid off and/or canceled. In many cases without unemployment. Lockdowns, social distancing, crowd restrictions and mask mandates continue to be an obstacle all over the world. Much of the entertainment transitioned into virtual shows, video meetings or live streaming. With varying degrees of success. But live entertainment loses much of its appeal when it’s not live and in-person. As we are seeing post pandemic, people desire and need personal interaction and connection. People want to go out, go to restaurants and bars, go to parties and gatherings, attend concerts and other live events. Unfortunately, these things still haven’t gone back to what we remember as “normal” and we all have to adjust and be prepared if restrictions tighten again.

So, Sleightly Distancing is a new strategy of providing a hybrid of virtual and in-person live magic entertainment.
Although this method was designed with performing magic in mind, it can potentially be used in all different forms of entertainment and business promotion.

How does it work?

Basically, the magician live streams his show, in person at the venue with self provided equipment and software. Using a QR code or link, guests can watch, participate, and interact via their own equipment (phone, tablet, or laptop). Talent performs for a set time and guests can interact at their discretion.

First of all I should say, I would be doing most of the following work. Not only would I be doing all the entertainment as the talent but all the “behind-the-scenes” stuff as well. Promoting and marketing if it is a public event. Creating and printing QR codes to be distributed at seats or table. Set up and take down of equipment (tripod, camera, ring light, table). Entertainment with the ability to be mobile and be tableside if needed. On hand for customer service and technical support.

The host/venue only needs to provide a small (4’x4’) space for the performer. Not necessarily in view (no stage needed). Electrical outlet to power camera and lighting. And possibly, Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Benefits and key points:

1) Fills entertainment needs
2) Follows Covid mandates
3) Socially distancing
4) No physical contact with props.
5) Low cost
6) Little space
7) Customer uses there own equipment
8) Exposure and promoting
9) Global audience
10) Distract wait/delay times
11) Doesn’t take from minimum occupancy.
12) Non-intrusive

So, if you are a restaurant, bar, club, brewery, winery, or venue. Or if you have a special event, wedding, party, fundraiser, etc. If you are interested in giving it a try or just want more information please contact me below.

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