By submitting this form you (Partner) agree to the following:

Referral Bonus Agreement
AGREEMENT as of the date submitted between Don Zellner (hereinafter referred to
as “Don Z”), and the “Partner” listed below.

    Submission of a quality lead (“Quality Lead”) by a Partner will be made through submission of a completed form
    (“Lead Nomination Form”), so that Don Z may contact the prospective customer and proceed with discussions.
    A “Quality Lead” is defined as a lead where the prospective customer is responsive to discussion once contacted
    by Don Z, and discussions result in the delivery of a proposal/estimate/quote to the prospective customer by Don Z
    within 30 days of the date on the Lead Nomination Form, and the prospective client signs a contract within 30 days
    of the date the proposal/estimate/quote was delivered. Referral bonuses for contracts signed after the timelines
    indicated above are at the sole discretion of Don Z.
    Don Z will evaluate the qualifications of the Lead and will notify
    the Partner in writing or via email of its intent to accept or to reject such Lead. Once accepted, the Lead Nomination
    Form will be valid until the earlier of (a) the timelines set forth above, or (b) expiration of this Agreement. Lead
    Nomination Forms submitted for prospective customers whom Don Z has been working with or is in discussions
    with prior to receipt of the Lead will normally be rejected. Don Z shall have the exclusive right to accept or reject
    any Lead and will negotiate directly with a Lead unless otherwise agreed to in advance. The Partner may be asked
    to assist in the marketing effort.
    Where Don Z has accepted a Lead referred by the Partner that result in a Qualifying Contract, a Referral Bonus of
    $50.00 (US Dollars) will be due to the Partner upon receipt of revenues as set forth below. “Qualifying Contract”
    means the FIRST contract for any Don Z services OR the total of all contracts within 30 days of the date the first
    contract was signed.
    (“Services” which exclude taxes and service expenses such as travel fees), signed by Don Z and the potential Don
    Z client identified in the Lead, that generates revenue.

(Such as client is hereinafter described as “Customer”.) “Revenue” means non-refundable fees for services or
licenses received by Don Z, including all retainer fees and service fees received as part of the Qualifying Contract.
Revenue does not include revenues from reimbursed expenses. Bonuses will be paid to Partner within thirty (30)
days after the Revenue has been received by Don Z. Don Z may delay payment of any or all of the Referral Bonus
if Don Z believes that Customer may demand or be entitled to any adjustment, refund, or credit in relation to that
Revenue. Any Referral Bonus paid will be refunded to Don Z by the Partner in the event that the Revenue receipts
upon which the Referral Bonus was paid become the subject of an adjustment, refund or credit. In cases where
only a portion of the original Revenue receipt is subject to adjustment, Partner is only required to refund the
corresponding pro rata portion of the Referral Bonus to Don Z.

  1. TERM
    The Term of this Agreement shall be for a period of two (2) years from the Effective Date, which shall be the date
    on which this Agreement is signed by Don Z.
    Partner will treat as confidential information related to the amount of any fees paid under this agreement and will
    use the same care to avoid disclosure as Partner exercises in regard to Partner’s own confidential information.
    Partner agrees that Don Z may, at its option, list Partner as such in Don Z materials and on the Don Z website.