Magic Sales


Need to liven up a sales meeting?

Looking for a unique way to get a message across? 

Need to add something fun to your meeting to give the attendees an entertaining break?

The magic of Don Z is the perfect solution for your needs.


3 Services to choose from:


Sales Magic Workshop  – 2hrs

Along with his magic performing experience, Don has over 10 years of successful direct sales experience, of which the majority being door to door and telemarketing; perceived to be the hardest type of sales. He has discovered many similarities between successful salesmen and great magicians. Don has produced a presentation that is informative, motivational, and entertaining. Demonstrating simple principles that anyone can master and highlighting each with a magical effect to create memorability. Teaching the fundamentals for anyone new to sales or seasoned veterans. Designed to be able to fit the typical small sales meeting room but play big enough for any size group. Don will show how to make sales like magic. A must see for any sales organization!


Do you have a message, idea, or product that you want communicated in an amazing way?
Don can help customize a demonstration utilizing all his sales and magic experience, talent, and repertoire.

Just Entertainment 

Sometimes meetings can be boring, or stressful, or overloaded with information. Having Don magically entertain is a perfect way to give the attendees a break. Use Don in the beginning to get things started and set the tone. Use Don in the middle to give an entertaining break. Or use Don as a finally to either reinforce the message or change their state and end with a bang!